We are interested in our representatives

Our fans will be interested in when and where our players will be playing in the earliest time. They want to know how far they'll tighten it. This year was a success for our representatives. Petra Kvitova won the Wimbledon tournament in London. In the fall, our women fought the first place in the Fed Cup. They defeated a strong team in Germany. Our tennis on line could not be missed.
We want to know what news will be waiting for us
Soon it breaks out and starts new tournaments. Our will be there too. What results do they reach? We believe they will not disappoint us. Get started in Australia. We're holding their thumbs so that the following year is as successful as this year, when we won the Wimbledon victory, thanks to Petra Kvitová. We hope that our men will be pulled out too. With our tennis on line we will learn everything soon.

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