Small Handy Team

  • 05, 04, 2019
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Do you need to somehow pick up your little artists, support them in their bohulious activities and compete? A great impulse not only for the cohesion of the collective is uniform or at least similar outfits. What do you say? But without the printing of T-shirts, this will be difficult. These dresses, sweatshirts, baseball caps, shirts, what do you say? Choose from our offer according to colors, cuts, fabric fabrics and so on and so on.
The team is better off
Unite selected collectes, colors can be the favorite colors of your team, or use the emblem of the city you intend to represent. Your great emblem or the created logo, name, contact, motto-Design yourself. In the visualization you will see your idea, the printing of T-shirts is the final activity on the way to the destination.