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What to Consider during an Engine Rebuild

Engines that require major repairs make the owners contemplate on choices such as rebuilding/repairing it or replacing it with a used, remanufactured or a new engine. Engine replacement, especially with brand-new engines is a very expensive, out of reach alternative for many vehicle owners, hence the greater preference for replacement using remanufactured/short block engines or used engines or repairing/overhauling the engine entirely. At best, used engines are temporary fixes that only buy vehicle owners some extra time. Used engines sooner or later begin to manifest problems that need them to be rebuilt or replaced.

Nowadays, remanufactured engines are common alternatives for most vehicle owners due to their ready availability at affordable prices. The availability and affordability of remanufactured engines is arguably the major reason behind the drastic drop in the number of custom rebuilt engines by machine shops and repair facilities. Good quality remanufactured engines prove to be worth the investments, also considering that most of them have warranties of up to one year. However, even with this, there are plenty of good reasons for vehicle owners to do their own engine work.

The costs of an engine overhaul/rebuild is usually significantly less compared to replacement. Vehicle owners can save between 20%-50% of what it would cost them to replace their engines assuming the current engine is very buildable i.e. has no serious damage and is not excessively worn out and the machine work needed for proper restoration is minimal. The majority of the savings realised come from the labour needed to tear down the engine and reassemble it after all the needed machine work is done. Additionally, the tools necessary for rebuilding an engine are very minimal, since in most cases only a ring compressor, Ring expander, feeler gauges and normal hand tools are needed. When additional machine work is required, vehicle owners can outsource this to local machine shops.

In case your engine has worn out cylinders, they will need to be honed or bored to fit oversize rings and pistons. Other than the typical, easy to do tasks, more complex work such as crank refinishing, head resurfacing and line boring will need to be farmed out to local machine shops. Besides cost considerations, another reason vehicle owners should prefer to handle their own engine work is to have more control over the quality of work and parts that go into the engine. When vehicle owners buy engines from outside sources, they cannot adequately control this vital aspect of quality. While it is true that there are plenty of top-quality engines in the market, vehicle owners should never have to discover the shortcomings of their new engines the hard way.

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